Please Note: This training program is designed to start a set number of weeks before a climb date; any number of weeks can be used, with the program below starting 8 weeks out. During this period, climbers will increase their workloads by about 10% per week for a number of weeks, (usually from 3-5 weeks) followed by a rest or recovery week.

Training for a stair climb is different from many other endurance events (i.e., marathon, cycling event) because of the intensity of lifting your body weight repeatedly up stairs. Increasing the weekly distance would gradually increase the workload and enable a successful training program. What we have all learned or heard about stair climbing is that it can be much more intense than jogging or running on flat ground. For this reason we must incorporate some intensity into the program. This is where we must say, check with your Dr. before going any further. To keep it relatively simple we will use three different zones for training. Other programs may have up to 6 different zones or levels of intensity.

Download the training program here.
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