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Over 250,000 Ohioans are diagnosed with asthma and 10-12 million Americans nationwide have undiagnosed asthma.  Approximately 12 Americans die everyday from an asthma episode.  The American Lung Association of Ohio (ALAO) has many programs designed to help people with asthma stay healthy and lead active lives.  We offer summer camps for children and education programs for families. In schools, we train staff on asthma management and indoor air quality and we teach children how to manage their asthma and prevent asthma attacks
HOW WILL THE FUNDS RAISED BE USED?  The American Lung Association ® of Ohio will use the proceeds from the Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield - Blow the Whistle on Asthma Walk for the following programs and research efforts: 
  • Open Airways for Schools - Interactive asthma education program for children with asthma ages 8-11 that is designed to empower children and their parents to take control of their asthma.
  • ASTHMATTACK® - There are 8 Asthma Clinical Research Center in Ohio that allows researchers to work on improving treatments for asthma, with the goal of eventually finding a cure. 
  • Provide Valuable Research Dollars:  Help fund researchers and scientists at local universities and hospitals to Find  Cure For Asthma
  • The Lung HelpLine - Offers comprehensive information on a variety of lung health topics, such as asthma.  Dialing 1-800-LUNG-USA will connect callers directly to a Registered Nurse or Respiratory
Therapist.  These professional, credentialed personnel are available for telephone consultation to offer advice and information on a variety of lung health topics, such as asthma.

Our Sponsors