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The American Lung Asociation is a nationwide health organization suported by legions of dedicated volunteers, a professional staff, and the country's leading experts in lung disease. The American Lung Association envisisons a world free of lung disease. Our mission is to make that vision a reality by preventing lung disease and promoting lung health.
The San Bernardino County Asthma Coalition strives to promote asthma-free living through optimal education and care.
Objectives and Activities:
·           Provide asthma education to physicians including current treatment guidelines, use of an Asthma Action Plan, and environmental triggers.
·           Provide physicians with patient education handouts and printed copies of the Asthma Action Plan created by the San Bernardino County Asthma Coalition.
·           Provide asthma education to school staff, parents and asthmatic children through the Asthma Friendly School Initiative project.
·           Initiate and support advocacy efforts that promote asthma awareness and policy change at both local and state levels.