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Golf Privilege Card FAQs

1. What is the Golf Privilege Card?

The Golf Privilege Card is an essential facet of the American Lung Association of New England's fund-raising efforts. It is the only multi-course golf discount pass that is aligned with the nation's oldest voluntary health charity and which provides discounts at over 300 golf courses throughout New England and the Canadian maritimes. Most courses offer their discounts throughout the entire golf season.

2. How much money can I save?

The Golf Privilege Card pays for itself with the very first use, but if you played every course and took advantage of every offer on the Golf Privilege Card, you could literally save thousands this golf season!

3. Why should I buy the card?

Through your participation in the Golf Privilege Card program, you can contribute to the advancement of everything we do - from tobacco control to asthma education, from influenza programs to protecting and most significantly, improving air quality. Unhealthy air is one of the leading causes of lung disease and affects the old, the young, and those living with lung disease, but research shows that even the healthiest among us are susceptible to the harmful consequences of breathing polluted air.  Like a sunburn to the lungs, the effect of unhealthy air is cumulative and has been proven to cause lung disease.

4. Where can I buy the Golf Privilege Card?

You can buy the Golf Privilege Card here on this website, by calling 1-800-LUNG-USA, or you can contact us to find a Golf Privilege Card vendor near you!

5. What restrictions or requirements are there to use the Golf Privilege Card?

Restrictions and requirements are subject to each location's discretion.  Some courses require that you call ahead. Please feel free to contact your local American Lung Association if you have any questions.

6. How do I use the Golf Privilege Card?

The Golf Privilege Card is located on the last page of your playbook.  It can be removed from the playbook along the perforated edge. Many golf courses require advance reservations.  Schedule your tee time with the course and mention that you are a Golf Privilege Card holder.  Present the Golf Privilege Card at any participating location to receive the benefits that location provides.  The Golf Privilege Card is not valid unless signed by the cardholder.  One card per player per season.
7. Can I buy the Golf Privilege Card as a gift?

Absolutely!  The Golf Privilege Card makes a great gift for the golfers in your life.  It's perfect for any occasion.