Existing events
Climb the Carew 2007 02/25/2007 Active
NW Volunteer Celebration 12/02/2006 Active
17th Annual North Coast Pulmonary Disease Seminar 10/11/2006 Active
Blow the Whistle on Asthma Walk - Columbus, Ohio 09/30/2006 Active
2006 Lima Asthma Walk 09/09/2006 Active
2006 OTS Case Conference 09/08/2006 Disabled
This is a fake event 07/06/2006 Disabled
Anthem Blow the Whistle on Asthma Walk 06/24/2006 Disabled
20th Annual South Shore Golf Classic 06/19/2006 Disabled
Asthma Educator Institute 06/08/2006 Disabled
Erie/Huron Asthma Walk 2006 05/21/2006 Disabled
Planned Giving for Professionals 05/11/2006 Disabled
Action for Healthy Kids Physical Education Workshop 05/11/2006 Disabled
2006 Flying Pig Marathon Official Blow the Whistle on Asthma Walk 05/06/2006 Disabled
4-28-06 OAS 04/28/2006 Disabled
Erie / Huron Asthma Walk Kickoff Dinner 2006 03/21/2006 Disabled
Climb the Carew 02/26/2006 Disabled
2004 event 11/14/2005 Disabled
16th Annual North Coast Pulmonary Seminar 10/12/2005 Disabled
Asthma Walk Cook Book Active
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