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Fundraising summary
Money raised through sponsors/donations $53,720.00
Money raised through pledges to participants
Click on the name to view the participant's personal page
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Participant's name Amount
Kathleen Frey $1,175.00
Amy Chuang $600.00
Lily Pien, M.d. $412.50
Stan Kasmarcak $310.00
Emily Lee $110.00
Alex Kaufman $100.00
Sandy Kaufman $100.00
Kathy Osborne $100.00
Mark Sales $100.00
Mark Mitchell $100.00
Rhonda Bognar $90.00
Marcelle Baaklini $75.00
Elizabeth Daly $65.00
June Bouha $55.00
Jo Ann Bedore $50.00
Leigh Casarona $50.00
Maria Tommer $50.00
Karen Majewski $25.00
Ryan Mckay $20.00
Lisa Murphy $15.00
Total money raised $57,472.50
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