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Participant's name Amount
Neva Maynor $2,025.00
Connor Fields $580.00
Jeani Hurley $400.00
Brenda Cavendish $355.00
Sara Crickenberger $325.00
Victoria Thomas $302.00
Daniel Foster $300.00
Rachelle Beckner $258.00
Lenore Tweel $255.00
Alexandra George $235.00
Patrick Nease $195.00
Stephen James $190.00
Kathi Elkins $175.00
Ben Canfield $175.00
Amanda Johns $170.00
Sabrina Meadows $160.00
Chelsea Harris $160.00
Jay Wildt $157.00
Florence Smith $150.00
Craig Lykins $135.00
Nicole Hinznan $130.00
Melissa Robinson $120.00
Andrea Elkins $115.00
Emily Witsberger $111.25
Meg Whelan $110.00
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Total money raised $11,140.20
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