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Fundraising summary
Money raised through sponsors/donations $17,860.00
Money raised through registration fees $4,280.00
Money raised through pledges to participants
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Participant's name Amount
Lissa Waite $925.80
Bruce Miles $770.00
Erika McDaniel $314.00
Michael Packard $305.00
Frances Woodland $300.25
Jacqueline Stimpert $288.00
Lori Rachul $263.00
John Muholland $250.00
Sharon Jensen $225.00
Rosemarie Vist $205.00
Dawn Livingston $200.00
Denise Minefee $200.00
Mike Tulcewicz $187.60
Erin Grodi $150.00
Cynthia Liben $150.00
Jan Maiocco $145.00
Annette Vilcheck $120.00
Carrie Zukauckas $115.00
Alex Giardini $100.00
Larry Hesketh $99.64
Toni Malcolm $75.00
Vanessa Jackson $75.00
Teresa Gladden $75.00
Veronica Walker $60.00
Paul Jeske $50.00
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Total money raised $28,950.46
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