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Fundraising summary
Money raised through sponsors/donations $15,500.00
Money raised through registration fees $9,740.00
Money raised through pledges to participants
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Participant's name Amount
Wendi Power $3,295.00
Scott Power $2,410.00
Howard Mark Switalla $1,745.00
Nancy Thomas $1,600.00
Karen Piszczek $1,355.00
Jim Piszczek $1,275.00
Kristi Givens $1,095.00
Jason Bambalas $948.00
Julio Martinez $875.00
Phil Murrey $720.00
Shawna Cornell $695.00
Troy Kindle $605.00
Howe Switalla $600.00
David Burns $600.00
Evelyn Mckeegan-burns $600.00
Emerson Frith $535.00
Julia Pesek $510.00
Ron Linker $500.00
Philippe Lesuisse $500.00
Peter Schlichting $500.00
Linnea Myers $455.00
Debbie Gorden $445.00
Scott Mccann $440.00
Christine Digilio $400.00
Mirta Perez $396.29
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Total money raised $57,596.16
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