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Fund raising summary
Money raised through sponsors/donations $1,761.00
Money raised through registration fees $5,950.00
Money raised through pledges to participants
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Participant's name Amount
Kim Forget $75.00
Jeff Merselis $75.00
Eileen Farrell $75.00
Marc-donald Darbouze $75.00
Rainer Kern $65.00
Brianne Lambert $65.00
Kathleen Cutting $50.00
Kenneth Reardon $50.00
Christine Booth $50.00
Shannon Fay $50.00
Danielle Perigard $50.00
Michelle De La Vega $50.00
Sarah Nickerson $45.00
Gina Palumbo $45.00
James Hultgren $45.00
Lynay Smith $40.00
Maria Beland $35.00
Aaron Venskus $33.00
Paul Curley $31.00
Gary Beland $30.00
Jonathan Carven $25.00
Joop Grevelink $25.00
Azadeh Moini $25.00
Jeff Beaton $25.00
Lisette Billingsley $25.00
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Total money raised $28,764.34
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