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2006 Results
Welcome to the fundraising page of Deb Gallagher
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Amount raised : $501.20
Goal amount : $350.00
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801 Grand Power Climb
I am participating in this fundraising opportunity for several reasons:

In memory of my Grandpa, Bert Ervin (pictured above, less than 2 years before his death): Grandpa died of cigarette smoking-induced lung cancer when I was only 2 years old. He has been highly influential in my life, through his living memory alone. He died at the age my parents are now, which scares me. Tobacco research & legislation, as well as lung cancer research won't bring my Grandpa back, but might save someone else's Grandpa... for example:

In hope for my Father, Doug Hastie. Daddy has been smoking for 40 years. I fight back tears when I hear his "smoker's cough". He brings so much love & laughter to my life. I want him around as long as possible.

In celebration of my Mother, Susan Ervin-Hastie. Mom has been smoke-free for 10 years, breaking an addiction she fought for 25 years. She reduces her risk of cancer and other smoking related illnesses for every year she remains smoke-free. She also is helping those around her reduce their risks as well. Praise God for His work in her! <><

In love for my boyfriend, James Mahan. Thankfully never a smoker, however, Jamie was born with allergen-induced asthma. He uses an inhaler regularly to comfort his wheezing, which is usually resulting from prolonged contact with my feline children. Although his case is considered mild, I have such a greater appreciation for the ability to breathe easily. Knowing him makes my heart beat faster though, so it's only fitting I also think of him while I test the limits of my heart rate on this climb. :-)
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