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Welcome to the fundraising page of Howard Mark Switalla
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My fund raising statistics
Amount raised : $1,745.00
Goal amount : $3,000.00
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List of Pledgors
Arifi, Agim 50.00
Arslan, Osman 20.00
Boldyga, Edward 20.00
Budiyar, Taner 20.00
Burt-Olson, Cheryl 10.00
Bushmole, Marilyn 50.00
Calais Pets LLC 25.00
Capital Envelope Co 15.00
Childress, Diana 20.00
Christie, Thomas 50.00
Crain, Frank 20.00
Dorgan, Kristin & John 50.00
Dudas, Jacqualyn 25.00
Erickson, Rod & Noreen 25.00
Fromm, Edwin 25.00
Gajdor, A 15.00
Heiman, Marvin 100.00
Hornsberger, Erwin 50.00
Karst, Dolores 10.00
Kolbus, Donald 20.00
La Finca, Inc. 50.00
LoCoco, Anthony 25.00
Mathews, Robert 25.00
McCarty, Bryan 25.00
McInerney, Patricia 25.00
McLaughlin, Nancy 25.00
McMurtry, Robert 50.00
Noto, Jane 10.00
Noto, Nancy 15.00
Oswald, A. 5.00
Peden, Sonja 10.00
Peterson, Berger 600.00
Ringa, Harry 25.00
Sac Kandemir, Cenk 20.00
Seafield, Frank 25.00
Sparacio, Robert 25.00
Speedo's Leather Mauer, Stephen 25.00
Theil, Kim 25.00
Vonderohe, Kenneth 25.00
Walbrecht, George 40.00
Wirtz, W. Rockwell 50.00
My team page
Cycling for a cure
Thanks for visiting my Lake Tour Bike Trek fundraising page. On June 12, 13 & 14, I will be challenged to ride 50 miles per day from IL to WI.
This is my 4th year as Capitain for our team LINDA'S PEDAL PUSHERS. I do this in honor of my Aunt & Godmother Linda who lost her battle with lung cancer after a valiant 3 yr. fight. Her courage & positive outlook will always be an inspiration to me. She may have lost her battle, but I REFUSE to let lung cancer win the war!
We must get the word out on how grossly misunderstood & underfunded research is for this disease.
Did you know...
**The US Government's National Cancer Institute invests LESS than 5% of it's budget to lung cancer research.
**Lung cancer IS the #1 killer in women (NOT breast cancer)
**Lung cancer is the 3rd leading cause in death in the US.
**Lung cancer will claim more lives this year than melanoma, breast, colon, liver & kidney cancer combined.
**15% of all new cases of lung cancer are from folks like my Aunt Linda who NEVER smoked a DAY in their life!
As I get ready for this exciting event, I need your help to reach my goal!
You can make a tax deductable online donation, right here on this page! If you prefer to write a check, contact me for the information.
The American Lung Association is committed to saving lives by improving lung health & preventing lung disease. With your help, we can impact lung health together & help those who are fighting for their LIVES!
Thank you in advance for your support!
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