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Climbing to Cure
I am proud to be apart of the American Lung Associations Stair Climb event this year. The work that ALA does is vital to treating and one day curing the lung diseases that so many suffer from everyday. I am climbing in honor of Claude Gaines. Sadly, Claude passed away last year due to Lung Cancer. His son, Bryan, wrote about Claude's battle with cancer, below is his story. Please help me raise money for the American Lung Association, so that we can put an end to the suffering that lung disease causes for so many.

Bryan Gaines on his father Claude Gaines:

Claude Gaines lost battle with lung cancer July 16, 2006. He was 53 years-old. My father was a strong, courageous guy that touched the lives of many. When we received news he was diagnosed with lung cancer his strong character showed in his desire to fight the illness. For the first year living with the disease not even the oncologist could believe he had cancer due to not showing any symptoms other than the large number of pill bottles.
Once we received news the cancer had spread to his spine, then to his brain he knew his time was short but he never gave up hope. Through all the chemotherapy , radiation, and drugs he remained strong and emphatic to not let the disease win!
His final wish was to go on the annual family fishing trip to Wisconsin. I believe it was on that trip that he came to terms with his impending death and lived his final days fishing in his favorite spot on earth. Upon returning from the trip, a day later he passed away. His wish came true and he moved peacefully to the other side.
We miss him dearly and know he's with us everyday with the values he instilled in all of those he touched.

Thank you so much for your support. If you'd like more information about my involvement with the American Lung Association Stair Climb, feel free to contact me at [email protected].

Best Wishes,
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