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Amount raised : $625.00
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BUBBA is "Walking" for Kids like Eddie
A couple of years ago BUBBA was formed to raise money for asthma. This year our cause is even more dear than ever. This year "Buddies United 4 Better Breathing Auxiliary" is walking in memory of Eddie, a young boy who lost his life to asthma. Even though asthma can kill, Eddie didn't think it applied to him. If he was feeling sick, he refused to show any signs of a slower pace to his friends. He would rush out the door before thinking about his medications. Asthma doesn't have to kill but it does require education and discipline. The greatest aspect of the Asthma Walk is that it will build awareness of the need for education among our largest crowd ever of supporters. Please help BUBBA by contributing whatever amount you can. Certainly come walk with the expected 2000 at NTC at Liberty Station. Or simply contribute to BUBBA on the website. Simple education about personal triggers can save other lives. You can help me prevent others from Eddie's same fate.

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