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Bike for Breath support
I am a participant in the American Lung Association (ALA) 25th Breathe Easy Ride on June 16-18 in the Santa Ynez Valley. Please support my participation in this event by making a contribution.

The funds raised from this ride will enable boys and girls who suffer from asthma and reside in Santa Barbara or Ventura County to attend Camp Wheez for free. At this day camp, children will acquire knowledge and skill at how to lessen both the frequency and degree of their episodes. During the school year, the ALA helps teachers and students gain better understandings of the frightening and debilitating effects of asthma through the Open Airways for Schools program.

Even if you are fortunate enough not to have asthma yourself, you surely must know someone who suffers from it. To assist in helping one to breathe is a noble and worthy endeavor. When you can't breathe, nothing else matters.

Is it Normal?
For a 2 year old to have his first hair cut in the hospital?
For a 2 year old to hunt for Easter eggs in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit?
For a 3 year old to ask, "Mommy what does it feel like not to be sick"?
For a 4 year old to hope Santa can fund him in the hospital?
For a 5 year old to show the nurses the perfect spot to draw blood?
For a 6 year old to know all the R.T.'s and nurses by first name, and if he didn't know them they must be new?
For a 7-8 year old to think he maybe growing out of asthma because he hasn't been to the ER, but he still uses up an inhaler in less than two weeks?
For a 10 year old to wake up crying because he cannot breathe?
This is all normal for many asthmatics.

Please help stop this disease by sending your tax deductible check made out to the ALA to:
Randy Beaudoin
1012 N. Stokes Ave
Santa Maria, CA. 93454 or use this site to submit a Visa payment
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