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Welcome to the fundraising page of Mike McEvoy
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My fund raising statistics
Amount raised : $1,375.00
Goal amount : $1,500.00
0% 100%
List of Pledgors
Abbott, John & Susan 25.00
Bonesteel, Daniel 50.00
Breault, Art 50.00
Bryan E. Bledsoe, Do, Facep Bledsoe, Bryan 100.00
Bulger, T 100.00
Cox, Tom 25.00
Dailey, Michael 100.00
Ehlers, Melissa 100.00
Hamilton, Teri 25.00
Hosey, Pete & Ann-marie 25.00
Kane, Leah 25.00
Machnick, David 50.00
Mazurek, Paul 50.00
Mcevoy, Jeremy & Eamber 100.00
Mcevoy/coletti, Peter 100.00
Mcmahon, Kevin 50.00
Mcmanus, Barbara 50.00
Morgan Stanley Peterson, Mark 25.00
Oconnor, Marge 50.00
Smith, Dan 25.00
Steele, John 50.00
Strategies 4 Ems Mastrianni, Michael 25.00
Sufficool, Mary Jane 25.00
Wesley, Keith 100.00
Wiens, Paul 50.00
My team page
Mike McEvoy's Fundraising Spot
Climb Albany 2009 will be held on Sunday, April 29th. With my Albany Med team (the AMC Hearts), I'll huff up to the top of this building (One Commerce Plaza in smAlbany). Our mission is to raise funds to fight lung disease. You can help by being one of my sponsors!
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