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Welcome to the Team page of The Pufferbellies
Join our Team      Donate to The Pufferbellies $
If you wish to make a donation to an individual, Click on the Participant's name in the Team members list.
Team members
Team Donation $0.00
Captain - Rebecca Brown $0.00
Maria Balogh $0.00
Natalie Kurilko $0.00
Team fund raising statistics
Amount raised : $0.00
Goal amount : $250.00
0% 100%
Team member recruiting statistics
Team member recruiting goal : 5
To-date total members joined : 3
0% 100%
Let's Fight Asthma Together!
Every year, asthma causes 14 million missed school days and more than 5,000 deaths in the U.S. It is the leading chronic illness among U.S. children.

Join my team and help raise money to fight asthma during the Blow the Whistle on Asthma Walk, June 23 at Crocker Park in Westlake. Money raised will fund local asthma education programs and lung research. This will be a fun time for the entire family that benefits a worthwhile cause. Any support you give will help a child with asthma breathe easier.
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