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Welcome to the team page of Bike for Mike
Join our team      Donate to Bike for Mike $
If you wish to make a donation to an individual, Click on the Participant's name in the team members list.
Team members
Team Donation $0.00
Captain - Jennifer Williams $615.00
Brian Morse $275.00
Cindy Hamill $100.00
Susan DiBenedetto $2,370.00
Tom Flanagan $50.00
Team fund raising statistics
Amount raised : $3,410.00
Goal amount : $7,353.00
0% 100%
Team member recruiting statistics
Team member recruiting goal : 5
To-date total members joined : 5
0% 100%
Help Support Our Team!
Welcome friends! I know this picture is not of us, but hopefully with your help, we'll look this happy on our ride!!

We are still looking for people to join our team and ride with us in the American Lung Association's Trek Across Maine on June 16-18, 2006. If trekking isn't your style, please consider making a donation to our cause.

We're raising money to support the ALA of Maine in honor of those close to us who have lost their fight with lung cancer. The ALA helps promote healthy lungs by funding research and other programs helping people who suffer from conditions such as asthma, emphysema, pneumonia, and influenza. However, it is those who suffer now or who have ever suffered from lung cancer that we will keep in mind during this ride. If you know someone who has battled with lung cancer, please consider making a donation in their name.

The more money we raise, the more people we can ultimately help. If you can't ride with us, please think about making a tax deductible contribution to our team and help us exceed our fundraising goal. Any amount you decide to donate ?big or small- will be much appreciated, both by our team and those who will ultimately be helped by the ALA!

If you are uncomfortable making an online donation, please contact Jen Williams.
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