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Welcome to the team page of Wild Bunch Gang
Join our team      Donate to Wild Bunch Gang $
If you wish to make a donation to an individual, Click on the Participant's name in the team members list.
Team members
Team Donation $0.00
Cindy Beaudoin $1,080.00
David Landecker $150.00
Jim Meaney $740.00
Ken Ardry $1,280.00
Kevin Barthel $325.00
Laureen Killenberger $605.00
Mark Zaunius $530.00
Mary Barthel $625.00
Randy Beaudoin $1,025.00
Randy Beal $0.00
Team fund raising statistics
Amount raised : $6,360.00
Team member recruiting statistics
Team member recruiting goal : 5
To-date total members joined : 10
0% 100%
Join our team and help us support the cause!
Help me blow the whistle on asthma by joining my team. As a team captain,
I will get you all the materials and tips you need to be successful - and we'll have a great time doing it! Please sign up as a walker today, then we can fight the asthma epidemic together
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