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Welcome to the Team page of MediciNova, Inc.
Join our Team      Donate to MediciNova, Inc. $
If you wish to make a donation to an individual, Click on the Participant's name in the Team members list.
Team members
Team Donation $250.00
MediciNova, Inc. $3,025.00
Abby Monroe $0.00
Alexandra Ruby $25.00
Allison Palmer $0.00
Alyson Ramirez $0.00
Andi Supergan $25.00
Andrew Stassinopoulos $0.00
Atsuko Fisher $50.00
Bruce Trumbo $0.00
Carlos Gomez $40.00
Carol Conlin $350.00
Carolyn Cordeiro $0.00
Danielle Donais $0.00
Debi Supergan $0.00
Deborah Andrade $25.00
Demi Grooms $0.00
Diane Mcgirk $50.00
Dick Gammans $200.00
Dr. Ken Locke $100.00
Eri Oshima $0.00
Hana Fisher $0.00
Haruki Kuriyama $0.00
Helen Kania $0.00
Hironori Hozoji $50.00
Jenny Winter $0.00
Justin Ferber $0.00
Kale Ruby $1,100.00
Katia Pavloff $1,000.00
Kazuya Kuriyama $0.00
Kim Anderson $360.00
Kiyomi Suzue $50.00
Kohji Ono $0.00
Lisa Hope $50.00
Lora Davis $1,245.00
Madelyn Ono $25.00
Maria Feldman $0.00
Marie Lalas $830.00
Mark Johnson $875.00
Masaki Kuriyama $0.00
Masatsune Okajima $200.00
Michael Kalafer $100.00
Mike Fefferman $390.00
Momoko Kuriyama $0.00
Peter Roman $0.00
Rebekah Stassinopoulos $120.00
Rick Landin $50.00
Samantha Trumbo $0.00
Sean Mcgirk $0.00
Sean Ruby $25.00
Shelly Ono $50.00
Shintaro Asako $200.00
Talia Sheets $0.00
Tambra Martinez $50.00
Tess Hildesheim $25.00
Vivian Roman $50.00
Yuichi Iwaki $4,300.00
Team fund raising statistics
Amount raised : $15,335.00
Goal amount : $15,000.00
0% 100%
Team member recruiting statistics
Team member recruiting goal : 100
To-date total members joined : 56
0% 100%
Let's Fight Asthma Together!
MediciNova is small Drug Development Company. There are many studies in which our team has been working diligently on to increase the quality of life for asthma sufferers all around the world. There is much gratification knowing that we, as a company, are and have been making a difference. Please help donate in our fight for..."THE BREATH OF LIFE".
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