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Welcome to the Team page of Escape from Asthma
Join our Team      Donate to Escape from Asthma $
If you wish to make a donation to an individual, Click on the Participant's name in the Team members list.
Team members
Team Donation $0.00
Captain - Misty Kitchell $10.00
Christopher Kitchell $223.05
Team fund raising statistics
Amount raised : $233.05
Goal amount : $500.00
0% 100%
Team member recruiting statistics
Team member recruiting goal : 10
To-date total members joined : 2
0% 100%
I'm doing this for him...will you help us?
Each year since Christopher was diagnosed with asthma I learn more and more...unfortunately it usually isn't when I WANT to learn it but when I NEED to learn it. We have determined that Christopher is highly allergic and we never really know when he is having a hard time breathing - even HE doesn't know.

So WHEN do we need to give him medicine? How much medicine? How do you say that one again? And he takes it how often? And then we check his peak flow how many times a day? What is a good reading? Can he play outside today? Are you okay, Christopher? Are you breathing well? These are just SOME of the questions that we have asked lately!...can you see how one could become overwhelmed?

One day, there may be no more asthma. No more emphysema. No more lung cancer. No more COPD. But we have to raise the funds to provide the research first. And teach our kids not to smoke. And show others how to quit smoking. And teach others about their own conditions. And clean our air...these funds help to do all those things and more!

Christopher is SO worth my effort to raise this money...I don't want him to struggle with asthma his whole life. It is also worth it to teach him that the American Lung Association is a great cause, too. Maybe one day Christopher will find the cure for asthma - will you help us try?
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