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441 Vine St., Cincinnati
FEBRUARY 24, 2008!
Thank you for all you did to make this year's stair climb the best ever! While this year's climb is behind us, you can still help. Donations will continue to be accepted on this Web site and credited to this year's event. In fact, climbers have until March 24th to get their pledges turned in and still be qualified for fantastic fundraising prizes. Make a contribution to the climber of your choice or a donation to the event - it all supports the same worthy cause-a future free of lung disease!
Stay tuned for information about next year's event coming soon.
-New Superclimb!!!
-New HalfClimb!!!
-The Vertical Mile is Back!!!
CLICK HERE to find out EVERYTHING you need to know to
Are You Up to the Challenge?
Every day almost 1,000 Americans breathe their last breath as a result of lung diseases like asthma, emphysema and lung cancer. America's number three killer, lung disease does not just impact the life of the individual living with the disease-it devastates family, friends and the entire community.
There is a chance for you to do something about lung disease-NOW.
It is as simple as putting one foot in front of the other.
Join us on February 24th as we take "steps" to end lung disease by climbing up 45 floors of the tallest building in Cincinnati. Anyone interested in doing something about lung disease is welcome to participate regardless of their ability or level of physical fitness. You can climb fast or slow, climb half the stairs, the full tower, or even climb it more than once-just sign up for the challenge that is just your speed. Endurance athletes are also welcome to best their time from last year or race friends to the top in this competitive event. Runners, cyclists, climbers, walkers and even couch potatoes-anyone interested in a future free of lung disease is welcome.
Why Climb?
When you accept the challenge to climb, you are directly helping millions of Americans living with lung disease. The American Lung Association is dedicated to eradicating all lung disease by providing programs of public education, scientific research and clean-air advocacy. Founded more than 100 years ago, the ALA, through its work conquering tuberculosis and leading the fight for smoke-free communities, has been at the center of important scientific advancement and social change. At a time when more than 21 million Americans smoke, when 20 million people (half of them children) live with chronic asthma and more than half of the population of the United States breathes air that does not meet basic quality standards, the ALA's work is far from finished. This is why we are asking you to "take it to the stairs" by raising $75 or more. It is a matter of life or death-your climb makes a difference!
Pledges. Prizes. Prestige.
Register now by going to After registering, you will receive everything you need to help collect contributions including a complete set of online tools. The more money you raise for the lung disease cause, the better the prizes you can earn. All participants are asked to raise a minimum of $75, and will receive a commemorative T-shirt, finisher's medal and a pass to our Celebration Brunch. Reach for the stars and earn other great prizes including electronics, equipment, and more!
There is Strength in Numbers!
Team up with friends, family and co-workers and have a great time supporting a worthy cause. It is a great chance to get together during the cold winter months and exercise your commitment to end lung disease. Teams are a great way to bring co-workers together, boost company morale and showcase community involvement. Best of all, it is more fun to climb with those you care about. Spend a day with friends while you are on the move for lung disease. To register your team, simply do so at the time of your registration or call our friendly staff at 1-800-LUNG-USA for more information.
The Earlier You Start, The More You Save!
We want you to start your fundraising and training early so that you can be as prepared as possible for your climb. Register early and you can save on your non-refundable registration fee!
Minimum Pledge Required to Climb
$                   30
$                    40
$                    50
Your registration fee and minimum pledge must be paid no later than climb day in order to participate. Remember, most climbers raise more than the minimum pledge. The more you raise, the more you help fight lung disease and the better the prize you can earn!
Got Questions? We Have Answers.
We want to talk to you. Direct any questions you might have to the friendly, knowledgeable staff of the American Lung Association by calling 1-800-LUNG USA to reach the office nearest you.
They Did It . . . And So Can You!     
While raising $75 may be challenging-it's easier than living with lung disease. You will probably find that raising $75 is easier than you thought. In fact, the average participant already raises more than $100, and many raise much more. Want a challenge? Here is a list of last year's top performers. Let's celebrate our top fundraisers from the 2007 climb by beating their records from last year! Need help getting started with your fundraising? Contact the ALA office where our knowledgeable staff is ready to help.
William Sietsema
Team Kendle
 $     2,575
Dan Klocke
Not on a team 
 $     1,815
Devorah Waesch
Not on a team
 $     1,566
Jill Chasko
Not on a team
 $        982
Dale McKinney
MileHigh Climbers
 $        908
New Challenges and Your Favorites Return!
Come join us for the:
·         Half Climb-New!
·         Full Climb Racing-Returns!
·         Full Climb at Your Own Pace-Returns!
·         SuperClimb-New!
·         Vertical Mile-Returns!
Check out our website for information on our great new challenges for every fitness level at Can you make it to the top?
Special Thanks