2011 Vehicle Donation Program - New England(801) - Event Information

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Donate Your Car To the American Lung Association®

Reduce exhaust and breathe easier knowing that you made a difference. Save lives and money when donate your vehicle to the American Lung Association.
Why Donate?
Donating your car is hassle-free. It's much easier to donate your used car than it is to sell it yourself. You will avoid repair and maintenance costs, as well as negotiating with potential buyers on price. When you donate your vehicle you are also eligible for a tax break.
The American Lung Association has long been a proponent of clean air and other environmental causes. Cars that sit unused for months at a time often pose an environmental hazard, especially if anti-freeze and other toxic chemicals have not been drained properly. Cars that are in poor running condition are either taken off the roads to be recycled or bought at auction by a dealer.
How to make a car donation
Call 1-800 LUNG USA, option 3, or fill out our online form.
The American Lung Association®
The American Lung Association of New England is part of the American Lung Association, the oldest voluntary health organization in the U.S.  Established in 1904 to combat tuberculosis, our mission today is to save lives by improving lung health and preventing lung disease. The focus is on air quality, asthma, tobacco control, and all lung disease.  ALANE serves MA, CT, RI, ME, NH, VT.  www.lungne.org

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