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Funds Raised to Fight Lung Disease :
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Days left until Climb Detroit: 91
k Asthma -  Lung Cancer  -  COPD  
Sunday, March 8, 2009
Renaissance Center Climb - 70 Floors, 1035 steps
Renaissance Center HALF Climb - 40 Floors, 585 steps
Are You Ready to Step Up to the Challenge?srffew
Thirty-five million Americans are living with chronic lung diseases such as, asthma,  lung cancer and COPD.
» Lung Disease is responsible for 1 in 6 deaths
» Nearly 1,000 Americans die from Lung disease every day
Take the First Step to End Lung Disease!
Join us on February 21 in Grand Rapids or March 8 in Detroit as we take "steps" to end lung disease.

Everyone is welcome to participate regardless of their ability or level of physical fitness.First time climbers, novice athletes and Endurance athletes are all welcome to Climb Michigan. Beat your time from last year, challenge a friend, or challenge yourself to climb while raising life saving money to fight lung disease! Do if for your own fitness and the millions of Americans living with lung disease that cannot climb for themselves.
Step Up With Others
Teaming up with others who share your interest in a future free of lung disease is a great way to support the cause.Ask friends, family and co-workers to join your team.

Teams increase awareness and make fundraising easier and more effective, plus teams have more fun!
Take the Steps and Earn Prizes
Once you have registered at you will receive everything you need to help collect donations, including access to a complete set of online tools to make your fundraising efforts quicker, eaiser and more effective.The more money you raise to fight lung disease, the better the prize you can earn.

Aim high and choose from great prizes including fitness equipment, electronics, and more.
Step Up Early and Save!
Start your fundraising and training early so that you can be as prepared as possible for your climb.

Your non-refundable registration fee and minimum pledge must be paid no later than climb day in order to participate. Remember, most climbers raise more than the minimum pledge. dfg
Register By
Registration Fee
Minimum Pledge
Minimum Due on or Before Climb Day
Nov. 30, 2008
Jan. 1, 2009
Feb. 1, 2009
Feb. 21, 2009
They Did it... And So Can You!
While raising $100 may seem challenging, it's easier than you think. See last year's list of top fundraisers.

Dan Klocke
Individual Climber
William Sietsema
Team Kendle
John McBride
Team Body Within
Bill Pumphrey
Team Body Within
Bernie Bacevich
Reece Campbell Climbers

Your fundraising efforts will help fund vital lung disease research, education and advocacy.
  • $500 supports 250 smokers through the Freedom From Smoking on-line program.
  • $750 supports the American Lung Association Lung Helpline for 48 individuals.
  • $1,250 will train 10 schools or day care centers in Asthma 123.
Improving Life, One Step at a Time
For over a century the American Lung Association (ALA) has pioneered important advancements in the fight against lung disease. Leading the charge for lung health, the ALA has worked to conquer tuberculosis, make public places smoke-fee and establish a nationwide network of Asthma Clinical Research centers. Our work is far from finished. Twenty-one million Americans smoke, twenty million people-half of them children-live with asthma and more than half the U.S. population breathes bad air. Lung cancer is the number one cancer killer. This is why we are asking you to take steps against lung disease. Together, we can improve life, one step at a time.
How You Can Take Steps to End Lung Disease
Step 1. Register online at
Step 2. Set a fundraising goal (we suggest $200). Ask friends, family and co-workers to support your fundraising efforts with a donation.
Step 3. Aim high and earn a great prize. All participants who meet their $100 fundraising minimum or more will receive an official climb T-shirt. The more you raise, the better the prize you can earn.
Visit . Select your location and make the commitment to join the fight against lung disease. On-line registration is fast and easy and allows you to get started raising money right away. If you are unable to register on-line, call 1-888-909-LUNG.
Get more of your Friends, Family and Co-Workers Invloved with your Climb Efforts!
Add the Climb Logo to Your Email Signature!
Here's How!fgftghrtuhheta
1. Hold your cursor over the Climb image and right click. A menu will appear.
2. Click "save picture as". A new menu will appear to save the jpeg image.  Rename it to something easy like "climb_logo" but REMEMBER where you saved it to.
3.  Open your email program and locate where to edit your email signature.  In Microsoft Outlook, it is  under Tools, Options, Mail Format, Signatures.
4.  You may need to click "Advanced Edit" on your email program to import the image you just saved.
5.  Make sure to link that image to the website:
6.  Come up with a clever line to get people to follow the link like, "Click Here to Help Me Take Steps to End Lung Disease".
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Tim Reams
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