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MARCH 13-14, 2010
Thirty-five million Americans are living with chronic lung diseases such as asthma, lung cancer and COPD. Lung Cancer is the leading killer of all cancer diseases in the United States. It is more important then ever that we raise funds and awareness for research, education, and advocacy to clean the air we breathe and fight lung disease.
"Scale the Strat" is one of the most exciting climbing events in the world with 108 floors and 1,455 steps to challenge you! The two-day event will take place with "qualifying" round(s) on Saturday, March 13, 2010 and a top 50 "climb off" on Sunday, March 14, 2010!
Individuals and teams will race up the world famous Stratosphere Tower staircase for bragging rights and prizes while raising money for the American Lung Association in Nevada.
This climb is not for beginners                 
Scale the Strat is a 108- floor vertical ascent that is not for the average couch potato or acrophobic (people who are afraid of heights).  The first 26 flights are configured like a typical stairwell, but the upper flights are suspended inside the middle of a hollow tower with open air on each side. 
Once the climbers are in the tower core, there is no exit point, unless there is a medical emergency. This climb is not for the weak hearted. The unique location of the climb should be considered prior to you registering.
You are ascending at a rate of approximately 15 ft in height every flight. If you are afraid of heights, claustrophobic, or suffer with motion sickness, this is not the climb for you.
You must be fit
If you are fit enough to run three miles (five kilometers) in 30 minutes or climb 1,000 steps on a stair machine without stopping, you should be physically able to participate in the climb.  
You may be fast
The 50 climbers with the fastest times will be eligible to compete in the "Climb Off" event on Sunday, March 14, 2010.
You can be flush
If you're more into raising funds than racing feet, you may choose to pace yourself going up the stairs, and instead compete to raise the most money for the American Lung Association in Nevada. 
You want to register?
To register, click the link "Register to Climb".  You must pay the $50 registration fee in full with a credit card.  In addition, you must agree to fundraise a minimum of $250 to support the American Lung Association in Nevada's fight against lung disease.  OR you may simple choose to pay the full $50 registration fee plus the $250 yourself and forego fundraising.   Registrations will not be taken over the phone and may be processed only by credit card.   
REGISTRANTS PLEASE NOTE:  If you would like to pay the registration fee and minimum fundraising fee at the same time you need to process the registration fee and then pledge the minimum fundraising fee separately to yourself.
This unique event is fun and celebrates expert athletes with exemplary lung health. Funds raised help aid the American Lung Association's mission of "Fighting for Air."
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