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56 Floors.          1,098 steps.          One Important Cause.
The Anthem Fight for Air Climb, formerly Run the Republic, gives you the opportunity to say you've climbed the tallest building in the Rocky Mountain West - the Republic Plaza in downtown Denver.

Usually, the building's stairwell is closed to the public, but we'll unchain the doors and let you climb all the way to the 53rd floor and then take the elevator back down to the lobby for food, interactive booths and fun. But don't worry, because the climb starts in the basement you will be taking on the challenge of a 56 story stair climb!

The Anthem Fight for Air Climb raises funds for lung health issues that are more critical now than ever before. Lung disease is the third leading cause of death in the United States. While the death rates of cancer and heart disease are decreasing, deaths from lung disease are increasing at an alarming rate. 

 Join our stair climb group on Facebook!

Mark McIntosh is the Fight for Air Climb honorary chair.
A Message from Mark
I would like to encourage you to play like a champion on a fun, physically demanding and fulfilling day. We're going to challenge our bodies, one another and our communities in unity to support lung-related challenges.
My father and aunt died of lung cancer, my darling girl friend has asthma. For whatever blessed reason, I've got great lungs that transport oxygen real well. I'm grateful and want to help others less fortunate. Please join us in playing like champions in the game of supporting important causes.
Visit Mark's Web site at

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Special Thanks
Top 7 Fundraisers
Victor Moore
Heidi Andrew
Kevin Cheff
Kevin Ott
Rich Frommer
Heather Jergensen
Sypy Thomas
Top 7 Teams
EnCana $18,106.87
Anthem BlueCross BlueShield $6,917.00
Check Out My Ass-thma! $5,008.99
Haley's Comets-Reaching for the Stars $4,687.00
Step Right UP $4,177.80
Team Venoco $3,942.00
Elizabeth Firefighters $3,814.00