2010 Arena Climb - Wilkes-Barre - Mid-Atlantic(230) - Event Information
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Fight for Air Arena Climb
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Fight for Air Arena Climb
Saturday, March 20th, 2010 at 2 p.m.
Wachovia Arena
Wilkes-Barre, PA

********  The Individual Climber Raising the   **********
Most In total individual donations will receive their CHOICE of prizes-
A One Year membership at STAR FITNESS (valued at $507) OR
a two day/one night stay for 2 at any of the 3
(Valued at $373!)

Why challenge ourselves? Because for over 38 million Americans suffering from chronic lung disease,
just taking a single breath can be a challenge. 
That's why the American Lung Association host this a one-day "Fight for Air Arena"  climb. It's more than the same old 5K.   Participants go horizonal and vertical in the Wachovia Arena.   On Saturday afternoon, March 20th, participants start twenty seconds apart and scale 1,224 steps up and down the arena.   The climb includes the staircases, both up and down, east to west - it's an individual challenge for everyone. 
All participants must register ($25 fee) plus raise an additional minimum of $100
 on or by March 20, 2010 to be eligible to climb
One of our local  WB Firefighter hero's who climbed in full gear!
Each step taken brings the American Lung Association one step closer to finding a cure for lung disease!
Visit the Arena Climb on

Have a friend in Philadelphia or Pittsburgh? Tell them about our event there!
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Top 7 Fundraisers
Chris Mooney
Christina Mulea
Bonnie Kulick
Susan Petty
Brenda Chighizola
Angela Costic
Kelly Ranieli
Top 7 Teams
JR - Move The Chains $2,618.00
Pwsc $1,191.00
Iaff 840 $1,093.00
Team Hunt $785.00
Village Idiots $700.00
Take the Stairs! $690.00
Big Feet Little Steps $685.00