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July 11-15, 2011*
A summer camp experience for kids ages 8-14 who have asthma.**

Imagine the inability to participate in sports or summer camp activities. Many asthmatic children are faced with this reality. Through close medical supervision, Camp Wyatt allows asthmatic children an opportunity to experience a rock wall, canoeing, swimming and field games.

For over a quarter century, Camp Wyatt has provided children with asthma an opportunity to experience camping activities they may otherwise be denied due to their condition.  It was designed specifically for children with asthma. Through educational activities, campers learn to understand and manage their illness while improving their self-esteem.
Our week-long camp provides an opportunity for both the child and family to work collaboratively in addressing issues surrounding asthma management.


Counselors and medical staff continue to reinforce the objectives of the American Lung Association Education Programs:

  • To improve the physical condition and psychological outlook of the child with asthma.
  • To educate the parent, child, and community about asthma and how to deal with it.
  • To improve self-management skills.
Staff includes over 50 volunteers, including physicians, registered respiratory therapists, registered nurses and trained counselors.
Camp Wyatt is staffed 24-hours a day by physicians and registered nurses, in order to meet the special needs of the campers. In addition, their peak flow is monitored at least twice a day.
Trained counselors, assisted by medical staff, supervise the children and encourage participation in a variety of activities, such as swimming, canoeing, field games and arts and crafts. In addition to traditional camping activities, children attend educational sessions, during which they learn asthma management techniques.
*Due to decreased funding over the past few years, Camp Wyatt will return to its Monday-Friday timeframe. 
**We will be extending the age range back to 8-14 year old campers begining immediately.