The Asthma Educators Institute is designed for the health care professional who provides asthma education. The institute will include current knowledge about asthma, with emphasis on techniques and skills in delivering education to individuals and families with asthma.

Participants Receive:

  • The latest research on the pathophysiology and factors contributing to asthma.
  • Information on asthma management and education.
  • Skills training.
  • Program development and outcome monitoring
  • A professional networking environment.

This program uses the preparatory course for the National Asthma Education Certification Exam developed by the American Lung Association. More information on this exam is available at www.NAECB.org

 Conference Objectives

Participants will be prepared to:

  • Analyze the components of asthma education:
    Lung pathophysiology; assessment of physical status, environmental factors, learning style, and factors related to culture, language, SES, ethnicity, educational level; Pharmacological interventions.
  • Design asthma management and education plans for individuals from a variety of situations.
  • Teach individuals how to manage their asthma using appropriate devices and techniques.
  • Pursue national certification by exam through the NAECB

Continuing Education Credits: Application has been submitted for continuing education credits for nurses, pharmacists and respiratory therapists.

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