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From Rey's Mom, May Visperas . . .


On November 16, 1998 my son Rey died from an asthma attack when he was eleven.


He was first diagnosed with asthma at 2 years old. I still remember many nights he had to be rushed to emergency because he could not get any air into his lungs. I felt powerless. I would think to myself why was this happening to my son? It was not fair.


Despite the trauma, Rey always managed to put a smile on his face even though he was not feeling well. I will always remember his freckled face and twinkling eyes especially during the times when he would put his 'Brave face' on.


Rey's death has taught me how precious life is. He sent a message to me when he was alive and I did not hear it until he died, 'When you feel you are overwhelmed or feel helpless, remember to smile or laugh.'


He did and it worked for him.


My family is still plagued with asthma. We don't want to lose another child because of asthma. This is why my family and I decided to support the American Lung Association. Their mission is to prevent lung disease and promote lung health through research, education and advocacy.

Be your own hero or a hero to someone who suffers from lung disease and help support the American Lung Association. For my family and friends, this is in memory of Rey Wayne, "Little King your smile will shine forever."



American Lung Association of East Bay

Saturday, September 18, 2004 Bay Street Emeryville

Bay Street is located off highway 80 in Emeryville at Powell and Christie Streets



        Join us and Blow the Whistle on Asthma. Take a short walk to support the over 24 million Americans who suffer from Asthma. Together we can make a difference. Remember to visit the American Lung Association National web site ( for information on lung health resources, including programs and events in your area.

Asthma Walk is nationally sponsored by The Respiratory Institute established by GlaxoSmithKline and Toyota Prius.

Additional Resources: Asthma | AsthmaBusters | Asthma E-Newsletter | Asthma ProfilersFind Your Local Lung Association | About the American Lung Association | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use



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