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Kayla's Asthma Campaign
Kayla's Courage Continues
Kayla's Campaign 2005 Bike Race Results
  1. Gabe Malmberg, Fargo 1:41:12
  2. Paul Johnson, Devils Lake 1:41:12
  3. Fritz Fremgen, Jamestown 1:41:12
  4. Rick Laliberte, Fargo 1:41:12
  5. Todd Reichenberger, Austin, MN 1:41:12
  6. John Goeddertz, Bismarck 1:41:35
  7. John Morgan, Mandan 1:41:35
  8. John Hanson, Fargo 1:44:30
  9. Tim Juelson, Bismarck 1:44:30
  10. Derick Beiswanger, Bismarck 1:44:40
  11. Tran Doan, Bismarck 1:44:50
  12. Melanie Carvel, Bismarck 1:44:50
  13. Leon Essler, Bismarck 1:47:12
  14. Bob Allan, Minot 1:47:12
  15. Arika Johnson, Devils Lake 1:49:33
  16. Grant Larson, Mott 1:49:35
  17. Jeff Juelson, Jamestown 1:49:39
  18. Ann Schuler, Fargo 1:50:00
  19. Greg Mathern, Bismarck 1:51:24
  20. Al Dohrman, Bismarck 1:52:28
  21. Tim Clausnitzer, Bismarck 1:54:44
  22. Mark Liebig, Mandan 1:57:55
  23. Bailey McCallum 2:01:28
  24. Amy Shreve, Mandan 2:07:55
  25. Laura Boehm, Bismarck 2:08:04
  26. Amy Juelson, Bismarck 2:10:28
  27. Scott Boehm, Bismarck 2:15:45
  28. Jack Gabriel, Bismarck 2:18:20
  29. Marlena Johnson, Devils Lake 2:25:31
  30. Benji Lillestol, Bismarck 2:30:42
  31. Vanessa Handte, Bismarck 2:43:42
  32. Claudia Schoellkopf, Mandan 2:46:48
Kayla's Asthma Campaign - Kayla's Courage Continues will be held Saturday, June 4, 2005. Kayla's Asthma Campaign includes a bike race and bike trek from Mandan, ND to Flasher, ND (40 miles), a golf tournament, pinochle tournament and a memory walk in Flasher. All of the events culminate with a dinner beginning at 4:00 p.m.
Schedule of Events
                                                                  Entry fee includes t-shirt and meal.
Bike Race
      Registration: 7:00 a.m. at Legion Riverside Park in Mandan (the park next to the golf course)
      Race begins at 8:00 a.m.
      $35 per person. Helmets are mandatory.
      Entry fee waived with $100 or more in pledges.
      Additional $10 fee for return trip to Mandan (if needed)
      Shower facilities available in Flasher
      Complimentary snacks available at golf course upon arrival in Flasher
      4:00 p.m. Central Time, Highway 21 Club
      Free of charge to those participating in the event. If not participating in an event, a $10 fee will be charged.
      Music provided from 4:00-7:00pm.
Join us! Form a team for the golf tournament, bike trek, bike race, or Memory Walk. You may either pay the entry fee, or get pledges in your name. It's easy to do - just send the letter in the registration section to your email friends, family, and co-workers, and they can donate in your name on-line. Keep track of how you and/or your team is doing on-line.
Then, after a great day of activity, we'll close with an incredible celebration. Shower facilities are available, so plan to stay for a great event.