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The numbers are breathtaking?

  • Lung cancer kills more women than breast, ovarian and cervical cancer combined.
  • More women die from COPD (emphysema and chronic bronchitis) than men.
  • 65% of asthma deaths occur in women.
  • More than half of the one million people in metropolitan Chicago suffering from lung disease are women.
As a result of Catch Your Breath, we aim to improve the lung health of participants and their families, increase lung health research and improve the quality of indoor and outdoor air in metropolitan Chicago.
Raising Resources to Change the Numbers
50% of the revenues raised from the Catch Your Breath Merchandise will be used to support lung health research in metropolitan Chicago. Remaining proceeds will support local lung health advocacy and education programs.
Help Us Change the Numbers
For more information on our Women & Lung Health Conference and
Catch Your Breath Luncheon contact us at [email protected] or
(312) 243-2000