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24 Hours of Big Bear
he Early Bird Program is the only way to guarantee that your team gets to race in the 2004 24 Hours of Big Bear.
What do I have to do to participate?
Early Bird teams raise money for the American Lung Association of West Virginia (ALAWV) in exchange for a prepaid, guaranteed slot in the race.  Early Bird teams must:
  • register ASAP
  • raise money for the ALAWV by June 4.
How much money do I have to raise?
  • Amateur Team            = $400 per team member
  • Duo Pro/Expert           = $750 per team member
  • Coed Pro/Am              = $600 per team member
  • Solo Pro                       = $800
What's my deadline for raising money?
Your team minimum must be received by the ALAWV by June 4, 2005, but you can keep working toward the Winner's Circle Prizes right up until the race.
How do I raise the money?
  1. Your team can obtain a Corporate Sponsor who pays your fundraising money and receives recognition as your sponsor.
  2. As a team or as individuals you can raise money from family, friends, neighbors, businesses, civic organizations, churches, etc.
What's in it for me?
The race is a blast and a chance to test your endurance and skill against some of the craziest mountain bikers in the country.  Plus, you save money by going the Early Bird route and you don't have to sweat the mad rush.  The only out-of-pocket expense your team will incur is a nonrefundable $25 Early Bird registration fee.  You do not have to pay the regular race entry fee, which starts at $125 per amateur racer.
Plus, it feels good.
The money you raise helps fund programs for the ALAWV that keep kids from smoking, help teens and adults break their addiction to tobacco and increases the quality of life for kids with asthma and improves air quality.
What's the catch?
Early Bird teams are required to raise their fundraising money to keep their prepaid, guaranteed slot in the race.  If a team does not fulfill its fundraising obligation, its race slot will be forfeited and registration canceled.
Where do I sign up?
If you prefer the old-fashioned way you can also download and print this Early Bird pdf file and return it to the ALAWV with your nonrefundable $25 Early Bird registration fee.  All registrations must be postmarked on or by May 23, 2005.
What happens next?
The ALAWV will mail each team captain a Team Fundraising Packet containing all you need to make fundraising simple and fun.  Your Race Registration packet will be sent when you turn in your fundraising money.
All donations must be in by June 4, 2005!
Call 304-342-6600 or 800-LUNG-USA with questions or email:
Rachelle Beckner , Special Events Manager.