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American Lung Association® of Ohio

West-Central Ohio Asthma Walk
Saturday, September 17, 2005

James A. Rhodes State College - Lima

Event Goal: $25,000

Join the American Lung Association of Ohio's 3K Walk to support children with asthma and their families, as well as the other American Lung Association of Ohio programs.  Asthma is a chronic condition affecting millions of Americans and many in Ohio.  More than 300,000 Ohioans- 80,000  children - suffer from Asthma. It is the number one cause of hospitalization among children under the age of 15 and the leading cause of school absenteeism.

Why Blow the Whistle on Asthma?

    • To help the estimated 20.3 million individuals who currently have asthma.
    • To raise funds for important research and programs.
    • To reduce the soaring economic costs of asthma. Over $14 billion is spent annually to keep Asthma under control.
    • To join with your neighbors, family and friends to fight the asthma epidemic. 
 "Improving Life, One Breath at a Time"
The 2005 Blow the Whistle on Asthma Walk is right around the corner.  The money you raise supports:
-Asthma Education to children ages 8-11 at Camp SUPERKIDS®  day camps and overnight camps.
-Counting on You? Responding to Kids with Asthma (asthma presentation to day care providers)
-Asthma 101 (asthma presentation for school personnel)
-continued promotion of health care professionals to take Asthma Educator Insitute & the National Asthma Educator Certificate Board exam.
-Living With Asthma Nights - an asthma 101 presentation to communities throught NW Ohio.
-Open Airways for Schools - an interactive asthma education program for children with asthma ages 8-11. 
ASTHMATTACK - Children's Hospital (Columbus) and The Ohio State University Dorothy M. Davis Heart & Lung Reasearch Institute are conducting "Bench to Bed" research that will improve the quality of life for asthma suffers. 
Thank you for supporting the American Lung Association®  of Ohio and for helping to make Ohio a healther place to live.

Remember to visit the
American Lung Association web site for information on lung health resources, including programs and events in your area. test

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