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Play Golf in North Carolina at Discount Prices
New for 2006! The American Lung Association of North Carolina is introducing an actual Golf Privilege Card® you can keep with you at all times. The 2006 Golf Privilege Card® will arrive attached to a thank you letter. Simply peel the Card from the letter and keep it in your wallet or tucked away in your golf bag along with your companion booklet.
The companion booklet that comes with the new 2006 Golf Privilege Card® contains all the course listings and discount information. The majority of the time you can simply present your Golf Privilege Card®.   For courses that require play times to be recorded, simply present your Card and the companion booklet.  There is a space provided on the inside back cover of the booklet for the golf course to track usage.
Note Regarding Online Ordering:  You must provide the name of the actual owner of each card, if different than the purchaser, during the online order process.  This is mainly a concern when purchasing a card as a gift for one or more persons. If you do not know the name of the card owner, please use:
First Name = Gift
Last Name = Owner
Leave the rest of the fields blanks.
Benefits of the 2006 Golf Privilege Card
  • FREE or reduced green fees at over 300 courses in NC, SC, and VA
  • New Courses Recently Added!
  • Discounts at select Golf Pro Shops/Stores
  • Discounts at Golf Practice Facilities
  • Help fight lung disease!  Proceeds from the Golf Privilege Card go toward the fight against lung disease, the nation's number three killer.
  • For more card information, please visit our Main Golf Card Page
Thank you for helping to support the work of the American Lung Association of North Carolina.