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Fabulous Fundraising Incentives
Conquer the Tower (at Erieview) 2007 has some great prizes for you!
Remember, at Conquer the Tower (at Erieview), you get a great climb and the knowledge that you are helping us combat lung disease - so get out there and get those pledges with pride! Look at our page marked "Fundraising tips" for suggestions on how to make getting pledges fun and easy
You goal this year is a $1 a step. Have friends, family and associates pledge per step you climb and see how quickly the money adds up!
20 people pledging a nickel a step= $1 per step.
That's a total of $299 for "The Casual Climb"!
That's a total of $616 for "The Competitor"!
That's a total of $1231 for "The Super Climb"!
We strongly encourage you to raise a minimum of $50
Just to give you a little added incentive, we have great prizes that are fun to use and show off with pride so everyone will know that you support the American Lung Association!
NOTE: Incentive prizes are not cumulative.
If you Raise, you Receive:
$100 Polartec Powerdry Headband. Perfect for running or walking on cold days
$200 Media Armband. Lightweight armband makes it easier than ever to take your music on the road
$350 Hydration Waistband. Designed to haul water and energy bars without a lot of bouncing around
$500 "Winners Circle": Prize package including: Official Conquer the Tower (at Erieview) Windbreaker, 6 month membership to HFC Athletic Club; plus a $40 gift certificate to Fleet Feet Sports
Top Fundraising Individual: You are a champion for lung health, so we are going to treat you like a champ! You receive6 Month Membership to HFC Athletic Club, pair of custom fit athletic shoes and a $40 gift certificate from Fleet Feet Sports
Top Fundraising Team: Each team member will receive a: $20 gift certificate from Fleet Feet Sports
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