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American Lung Association of Washington
Climb For Clean Air

Questions and Answers

Everything you need to know to climb Mount Rainier with the American Lung Association® of Washington Climb for Clean Air

Q: What is the Climb for Clean Air?
A: The Climb for Clean Air is an annual climb up Mount Rainier with the guides of Rainier Mountaineering, Inc and hosted by Lou Whittaker. It is a fundraising event for the American Lung Association® of Washington which raises money to combat air pollution and promote the prevention of lung disease.

Q: What do I have to do to participate?
A: Register online and pay your $100 registration fee. This gives you access to information to be part of the Climb team and allows you to begin fundraising immediately. We'll mail you sponsor sheets and all the information necessary to make your fundraising a success. To secure your spot on the team, you'll need to reach the $3,500 minimum prior to the June deadline.

Q: When is the Climb for Clean Air and how do I get ready to climb Mount Rainier?
A: The Climb for Clean Air is in July. You'll have time to get fit. If you have a regular fitness program, you can supplement it by hiking in the hills/mountains or walking in your neighborhood with increasingly heavier loads in your pack. We can connect you with an experienced climber who will gladly help you with an exercise program to fit your needs. For those people who live close to Mount Si, Cougar or Granite Mountains, there are great training hikes that don't take all day. (A good indication of endurance is if you can climb Mount Si in under two hours carrying 25 pounds.)

Q: Is Mount Rainier a technical climb and what sort of equipment and clothing do I need?
A: The two-day summit climb begins at Paradise (5,420') and continues for 5-6 hours over trails and permanent snowfields to Camp Muir (10,030'). After a short rest, an alpine start (11:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m.) is made for the summit. Travel will be on guided rope teams from Muir to the summit and back over heavily glaciated terrain. The climb is an incredible experience regardless of weather conditions. However, climbing Mt. Rainier is not an easy climb. Prepare yourself for a physically demanding experience. The guides will make continual evaluation of your progress throughout the entire climb. You'll learn all the skills necessary at Climb School taught prior to the climb. Through a special arrangement with Summit Haus, we provide the technical equipment necessary to climb for a one-time $50 rental fee. There are many clothing alternatives available. Skiing, cycling and hiking apparel can be modified to fit your needs on the mountain. Or there's always the local thrift store for inexpensive synthetic pants and sweaters. A listing of discount catalogs and stores in the Seattle area.

Q: What exactly does the American Lung Association® of Washington provide me?
A: We provide the professional guide services of Rainier Mountaineering, Inc., Climb School, accommodations for yourself and a guest at Mt Rainier a celebration dinner hosted by the American Lung Association® of Washington , Lou Whittaker and the RMI guides. Through a special arrangement with Summit Haus, we provide the technical equipment necessary to climb for a one-time $50 rental fee. Not to mention the adventure of a lifetime and the personal satisfaction of helping everyone breathe easier!

Q: How much money do I need to raise and what does the American Lung Association® of Washington do with the money?
A: Each climber needs to raise a minimum of $3,500. The American Lung Association® of Washington uses these funds to educate the public about the increasing problem of air pollution and its damaging effects on lung health, to heighten public awareness and to continue its commitment to air-quality legislation. Air pollution-related illness and lost productivity costs Washington State almost $1 billion annually.

Q: I've never raised this much money before. Does the American Lung Association® of Washington provide information or tips on fund raising?
A: The average climber raises more than the minimum -- even those who have never fundraised in the past! The American Lung Association® of Washington has sample letters from successful climbers' fund raising campaigns to help you design your own letter. You can also be teamed up with a past climber for fund raising tips. You'll receive a packet of materials which includes sponsor sheets and other suggestions helpful to your fund raising.

Q: Can I ask my company or other corporations to sponsor me?
A: Some companies will sponsor an employee for the entire fee; others will match your fund raising efforts; still others will partially sponsor you if you have an established business relationship. Many sporting companies like Eddie Bauer and REI to name just two seem like natural sources of fundraising but are asked by hundreds of individuals each year. However, if you have a business or personal connection with any company, ask them early in their business year. Sponsors at the $500 and more level will be acknowledged in the American Lung Association® of Washington 's Annual Report. Sponsor Benefits at the $2000 level and above will be printed on the Climb banner which will be displayed at the top of Mount Rainier.
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