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What is a Poker Run by Boat ?

A Poker run is not a race. It's a game of chance and an assembly of vessels of all pedigrees and proportions.

A Poker Run is fun on the water, boating at its most enjoyable, and a chance to renew old acquaintances and make new friends.

Each participating boat navigates a carefully charted course, stopping at 5 checkpoints along the route to qualify for a sealed envelope containing a single hand of 5 cards at the final checkpoint. The one holding the best poker hand is declared the winner!

A Poker Run is an organised, activity orientated, fun filled safe event. Naturally it helps to have a great body of water, but equally as important are the card stops and special hosts that cater to Poker Runners throughout the run.

Poker Runs are for the entire family. At each of the five checkpoints, sponsors provide unique and entertaining activities and refreshments.

Do I have to know how to play Poker ?

The Poker hand played requires no skill or knowledge of poker. The cards dealt out during the event will be done so randomly and all players then compare their hands and a winning hand is declared.
The combinations and rankings of cards will be displayed on the day. Any identical winning hands will be resolved with a simple cutting of a fresh deck.
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