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Saturday, February 20, 2010
Albuquerque Plaza
201 Third Street, NW, Albuquerque
Doors Open at 8:00 a.m., Climb begins at 10:00 a.m.

Step UP: Make a Difference!
The American Lung Association in New Mexico's PEAK THE PLAZA Fight for Air Climb takes off on Saturday, February 20, 2010 at the Allegiance Realty Corporation's Albuquerque Plaza Building in Albuquerque. Participants climb 38 flights, 19 floors, 428 stairs to fight lung disease. All climbers are timed using state-of-the-art chip timing technology to ensure accurate results, but you don't need to be a star athlete to participate. The average climb time is under 15 minutes, and all climbers and abilities over the age of 13 are welcome.

After you finish your climb, plan to stick around! Make sure you get your medal, pose for photos and relax and enjoy beverages and refreshments at an after-party that celebrates you! Climbing to the top is only the start! By participating, you are making a difference and actively fighting lung disease!
Registration Dates
October 1, 2009: Online Registration opens for all Climbers.
February 18, 2010: Online Registration closes at Noon
**We WILL NOT be accepting last-minute registrations on the day of the event.  Please make sure you register no later than 12:00pm on Thursday, February 18th.     
Entry Fees and Fundraising Minimum
$35 registration fee for ALL climbers, with a fundraising requirement of $100 per climber.  It's easy - ask 10 friends for $10!
Total due at time of registration - $35
Total due date of event - $135
Team Benefits and Information
Build a team to step up for lung health!  Your team may be competitive, non-competitive, family, friends or corporate -- or a mix of all of these!  The top fastest team and top fundraising team will win an award for their achievement. 
A team consists of a captain and at least three additional team members.  A team may have more than one captain, which is a great way to share responsibilities.  Teams are generally classified as Corporate (meaning that they are representing a company or an organization) or Friends and Family.  However, we encourage all teams to be inclusive and recruit from many areas.  Some of our best corporate teams consist of company members and their families and friends.  Monies raised by individuals on a team combine to make that team's fundraising total. 
Teams provide a way for groups to get involved in the American Lung Association in New Mexico and raise awareness of healthy lungs and air as well as the programs we offer.  Teams also provide a support mechanism for members during the fundraising time frame.  Teams also allow companies and organizations to show their philanthropic spirit to the community.  Teams generate enthusiasm before, during and after the event. 
Team Benefits Include:
1.    Special delivery to each team captain - t-shirt and important event information.  That's right - you'll get your t-shirt prior to the event!  This is only applicable to climbers who have turned in $135.00 or more.
2.     Coordinated start times so all team members can climb together.
3.     Opportunity to design special "team" shirts or costumes to wear on event day.
4.     The unbeatable support from your fellow team members as you climb 428 stairs!
To be a team captain, you must register BEFORE your other team members and create the team name.  Once the team has been created, other team members are able to join your team.  Please note that entering a "recruitment" goal does not reserve that number of spaces for your team members.  Registering before the event fills to capacity is the ONLY way to guarantee a climbing space.  It is the responsibility of your team members to register before the event fills to capacity. 
Special Teams
Special team categories may be created based on the number of participants we have in each challenge area.  Please check back to see if we have added these categories, or call us with any special requests. 
Fire Department Challenge - Teams of firefighters can compete for the title of New Mexico's fastest fire department.  Team members will be assigned consecutive start times.  Each climber is responsible for their individual registration fee and minimum fundraising requirement.
Police Department Challenge - Teams of police officers can compete for the title of New Mexico's fastest police department.  Team members will be assigned consecutive start times.  Each climber is responsible for their individual registration fee and minimum fundraising requirement.
Start Times
All climbers will start lining up early.  Your climb times will be assigned prior to the climb based on when your registration was received.  You will receive your starting time by email and times will be posted on the event website.  Climbers can pick up their t-shirts, bib number and timing chip on event day.  Please come between 8:00am and 9:00am so you have time to check-in and warm up.
Albuquerque Plaza Building Security
For your safety, all backpacks, bags and purses will need to be checked at the ground level.  This rule applies to climbers, volunteers and guests.  For your convenience, we suggest that you leave all non-necessary items in your car or at home.
The Course
PEAK THE PLAZA begins at 10:00 a.m.  Climbers take off in 15 second intervals creating staggered starts.  PEAK THE PLAZA will be a timed event but it is NOT a race.  Water stations are provided in the concourse area and on the 11th Floor and 19th Floor.  Climbers may not wear camelbacks.  Climbers are allowed to wear an MP3 player/I pod.  Climbers cannot bring their own water bottles.  Water will be available at the start line and on 11 and 19 during the climb.  There cannot be any water in the stairwells for safety reasons.
Climbing Instructions
You may run.  You may walk.  Hand rails are on either side but you may pass ONLY on the right.  For the safety and respect of the building and its tenants, if you must exit before you complete the climb, volunteers will be able to assist you.
Appropriate Attire
Wear comfortable clothing that is appropriate for a workout or a run.  Proper shoes are essential.  Running, walking or cross-training shoes are key to a successful climb.  Bib numbers will be pinned to the front of your shirt.  A chip timer will be tied to your shoe. 
Medical Assistance
Medical staff will be onsite for those who need any assistance within the stairwell and/or at the finish line. 
Age Restriction
Participants must be age 13 and older.  A parent or guardian will be asked to sign the waiver.
PEAK THE PLAZA'S  goal is to raise $50,000 for clean air and healthy lungs.  With your help, we can reach our goal.
Fundraising is easier than it sounds - all you have to do is ask.  If you ask 10 people for $20 you will raise $200.  It's that simple!  If you don't ask for support, people won't know you're doing something wonderful that deserves their support.  Plus, you can do all of your fundraising online by using the online event management system.  When you registered, you received a personal webpage which you can personalize with a photo and text about your motivations for climbing.  In addition, climbers are able to send e-mails to friends and family asking to support, and to receive online credit card pledges.
Donations are tax-deductible.  Checks should be made payable to the American Lung Association in New Mexico.  Any offline donations (cash or checks) that are collected can be mailed in to the American Lung Association in New Mexico.  Please print out the Climber Pledge Sheet, fill out all of the information completely, and mail to the American Lung Association in New Mexico.  Our address is: American Lung Association in New Mexico, 5911 Jefferson Street, NE, Albuquerque, NM  87109. 
The deadline for submitting your fundraising minimum is at the event on February 20, 2010.  Please make sure you see our cashier at the event to turn in your fundraised dollars.  To be calculated into your total for the purpose of incentive prizes, additional funds must be received by March 31, 2010.  Any funds received after March 31, 2010 will not be counted towards your incentive prizes, but will be greatly appreciated.
We encourage you to make use of the e-fundraising tools found on this website.  Friends and family who support your climb can make immediate tax-deductible donations with a credit card online.  We've even supplied a sample letter and facts for you to use.  It's easy and it works!
Getting Started:  The Fundamentals of Fundraising
Every participant in the American Lung Association in New Mexico PEAK THE PLAZA Fight For Air Climb is asked to raise money to fund education, advocacy and research for healthy lungs and clean air by asking for tax deductible donations from family, friends, co-workers, and other people in your lives.  To help you to be successful, we offer the following fundraising basics:
It's all about Asking!
Perhaps the most important but most overlooked key to successful fundraising is the ASK.  Don't assume that because you're excited about the stair climb and you've shared your fundraising goals that friends and family automatically give you a donation.  You must ask.
Ask, and ask BIG
Ask appropriately, but always ask for more than you expect to receive.  If you ask for $100, they may give you $50, but if you ask that same person for $25, they will give you $25, even though they can give more.  Remember, your friends, family and co-workers want to make a difference, too!
Step #1:
Create a list of people to ask.  Think of friends, family, business associates, your company, community groups, workout buddies, businesses you patronize, etc.  The important step to take is action, and by beginning a list, you've commenced motion.
Step #2:
The most effective way is to send an email explaining that you are going to climb 428 stairs to raise money for clean air and healthy lungs, and that you invite them to donate to your effort.  After two weeks have gone by, begin calling these people and ask if they would like to pledge you. 
It's as easy as that.  Some of our biggest fundraisers simply write a compelling e-mail and follow it up with a call, a visit, or another e-mail.  Once you see how easy it is, you'll remember people you forgot to ask.
Other ideas that work:
  • Pledge to yourself first!  You first donation should be from you.   It's more convincing to others that you believe in what you're doing if you sponsor yourself.
  • Ask your sponsors to dedicate their donation to someone they know who has or had lung disease.
  • Find out if your company has a matching gift volunteer recognition program.  After all, as a Stair Climber, you are a volunteer of the American Lung Association.  Many companies offer cash recognition for volunteer services.
  • Network with friends to see if they know any companies that give to charities.
  • If your birthday or a major holiday falls before the climb, ask for pledges instead of gifts.
How to Raise $500 in 9 Days:  (Yes you can do it!)
Day 1:      Start by sponsoring yourself for $25
Day 2:      Ask two family members to sponsor you for $25
Day 3:      Ask five friends to contribute $20
Day 4:      Ask five co-workers to contribute $10
Day 5:      Ask five neighbors to contribute $10
Day 6:      Ask five people from your place of worship to give $10
Day 7:      Ask your boss for a company contribution of $25 -- (and remember to ask if your company will match what you raise!)
Day 8:      Ask five local merchants where you shop to sponsor you for $20
Day 9:      Ask two restaurants/businesses you frequent to contribute $25
Encourage your supporters to donate online.  You will instantly see their contribution.  Here are the steps to get your fundraising campaign up and climbing!  Our online system allows you to personalize your webpage, send e-mails to your friends and family asking for their support. 
  • From the PEAK THE PLAZA home page, find the section entitled "Climber HQ."  Click on "User Login".
  • Log in using the username and password that appears on your confirmation e-mail.  (If you forgot your username and password, you are able to have it emailed to you from the "User Login" page.)
  • In the upper, left-hand corner click on "Start Here!" A pop-up window will appear with an easy reference.
Using Online Tools
Personalize your page by using photos from the image library provided or upload your own photos!  Why not put a picture of yourself on your webpage?!  Edit the text message to add your own personal message.  Tell why you're climbing in the PEAK THE PLAZA Fight For Air climb.  Have you or someone in your family been touched by lung disease?  Tell your story. 
Send E-mails to Friends and Family
Use the Address Book or enter a quick list of email addresses.  The e-mail that you send to your friends and family includes a direct link to your personal donation page.  They can make a donation right to you by using a credit card!  This is a secure process - no personal information will be shared.
American Lung Association in New Mexico
5911 Jefferson Street, NE
Albuquerque, NM  87109

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