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Are you a participant or a supporter and have a story to share on why you are climbing and/or raising funds for the American Lung Association? Please e-mail me and we will be happy to highlight your story!
Sherry Ireland-Hunter: My daughter Christine Mohrfeld is climbing St. Pete this year in honor of her Grandfather (my Father) who passed away in 2003 from COPD (emphysema).  I have just been recently diagnosed as having mild COPD.  I have quite smoking (over four months now), I am exercising everyday (between 3 and 7 miles most days), have added strength training, am eating way less red meat and more fish, fresh fruits, you get the idea. I am doing everything possible to increase my bodies resistance and to give it more strength for the battle that lies ahead for me.  I wish I could be there to cheer her on but was just recently (9/10/07) laid off of my job and money is too tight.  If you have any form of program prior to the event begining could you please let Christine know that Gpa Jim is watching from heaven and that Mom Sherry is with her in spirit from Iowa. God bless
Jamie Kahns, Development Manager for the American Lung Association, has challenged herself to climb the Bank of America Tower, downtown St. Pete, on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7am to get in shape and start warming up for the big race day on Sat., December 1st!!
Feel free to e-mail me if you have questions!  [email protected]  THANKS!
Why am I climbing?  To keep my Grandmother's memory alive, she passed due to lung cancer in January 2007.  To raise funds for a great organization that helps to save lives.  For a challenge and to get into better health, since I am an asthmatic, and have gained at least
5 lbs since I have been married in Spring 2006...okay, 10 lbs,...well, actually a bit more than 20!!!  oooh! (But so has my husband!  What do they call that, Fat & Happy?)
Jamie's Climbing Log:
-Tues., Nov. 13th: Had my best climbing time today I think!  And I even climbed down half way too!  Will see if I make it this Thursday! 
-Thurs., Nov, 8th: Oops.  I slept in today and didn't make it climbing.  Seems like I am at least practicing the stairs once a week.  I have also been doing a few pilates classes a week and even a steps class.  I haven't weighed myself in a month, but I feel my jeans are looser! ;-)
-Tues., Nov. 6th: Had a good climb today with hubby.  Legs are feeling great.  Still trying to get my breathing in control!  More and more climbers are starting to take the stairs to test them out.
-Thurs., Nov. 1st: Still getting over this cold.  Jolene was good this morning and climbed. And of course that one guy was still there, I hear they are at 8 minutes and something!  Doing very well!  One month till climb, so plenty of time to start training!
-Tues., Oct. 30th: Was feeling sick today and didn't climb, my bosses were good though and still cimbed today
-Thurs., Oct. 25th: Was at the Bank of America Tower by 7:15am with husband and climbed up, and took the elevator down.  Was a good climb. Legs are feeling better now!  Both bosses climbed again at about 3:30pm.  People should really join in on these climbs, gives you a lot of energy!
-Tues., Oct. 23rd: My husband and I took the day off and went kayaking near Kennedy Space center and saw the shuttle launch!  No stair climbing for me but I was exercising!  Both my bosses climbed today...I have yet to hear how it went!  Will update soon!  My bosses climbed again today!  So proud of them!
-Thurs., Oct. 18th: Was at the Bank of America Tower by 7:15am with husband and climbed up, and took the elevator down.  Legs were feeling good today.  My boss Jolene along with that diligent participant cimbed up and down.  And I believe this other guy who is training EVERY Tuesday and Thursday (unlike me) climbs up and down 2 times in a row!!  I bet he is going to win a trophy in his age group!!
-Tues., Oct. 16th: No excuses today since my legs felt husband and I slept in!  We even hit the snooze button twice!  Getting into an early morning routine is not easy!  I will never hear the end of it since my boss Jolene woke up early and made it out to give the stairs a try.  She even went all the way up and all the way back down with that other participant who has been training so diligently.
-Thurs., Oct. 11th: I woke up this morning and barely could move my husband and I decided to take the dog for a nice 1 mile walk to stretch out the legs.
-Tues., Oct. 9th: Started a little after 7am.  Had bet with husband he climbed 24 floors , I climbed up 12 and back down 12 to see who could do it the fastest.  I WON!  However, learn from me...DO NOT OVER DO IT!  I pulled my quad muscles so badly from not stretching properly going down the stairs! The same other participant was their once again training...I don't know how his legs aren't killing him going up & down the stairs like he is!!
-Thurs., Oct. 4th: Started a little after 7am, going even slower.  Climbed 28 floors with husband, again, and took about 12 minutes.  Same other participant was there before us climbing, he passed us going down the stairs and we once again took the elevator!  My legs feel it today, I can't stretch them enough!  Breathing once again was very heavy, next time I am going to try and only take 1 stair at a time, been taking 2 at a time and using my arms on the railings to help pull up on the stairs.  I'm going to test out all these strategies to find out which is best!
-Tues., Oct. 2nd: Started at 7am, slowly climbed 28 floors with husband, Bob.  Took a little less than 10 minutes.  Another participant was also there climbing, who is in a slightly higher age category, yet left us in the dust!  He even climbed down the stairs.  We took the elevator!  Legs feel alright, a little tight, got very winded, even though I remembered to use my inhaler!
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