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This year's walk is in memory of
three Rhode Island women who died recently from asthma
Morgan Stone    Barbara Harmon Maguire    Dania DeLaCruz
Barbara Harmon Maguire
On November 18, 2002 Barbara Harmon Maguire celebrated her 49th birthday and the last vibrant, exciting day of her life.  This attractive, energetic, giving woman was struck down by an asthma attack.  A victim of "adult onset asthma", she never fully appreciated the insidious nature of the disease.   Barbara's loss was most deeply felt by those she helped.  She was a co-founder and long time director of "Pills Anonymous," an anti-drug group.  For years she volunteered her evenings in the infant's critical care ward at a Manhattan hospital.  She counseled many and assisted others financially.  For twenty-one years Barbara worked in Manhattan just five blocks from the World Trade Center and commuted each weekend to her home here in Rhode Island.  She joined the rescue work on the rubble of the twin towers within an hour of their collapse, working there ten to twelve hours a day.  After her company reopened a few weeks later, she worked "ground zero" evenings for the next five months.  Her asthma attacks grew in frequency and severity after her work there? to a final and devastating conclusion.  Those of us who knew Barbara loved her and miss her deeply.
Dania DeLaCruz
On January 5, 2005, the cruel and deadly disease known as asthma took the life of this warm-hearted soul away from us. Just 17 years old, Dania was born in Providence, Rhode Island on May 6, 1987 to Dominican parents Carmen DeLaCruz and Ernesto Del Rosario. Dania DeLaCruz was an identical twin sister to Diana DeLaCruz and the baby sister to Carmen Delacruz. Dania, however, was by far the toughest, strongest, and most sociable of the three. To her family she was referred to as Nana, but to close friends she was known as Furby, Dania Baby, and Twinkles. Just the name Twinkles said it all about her. She was a shining star, with high self-esteem, an open mind, and a positive attitude. While attending Textron Chambers, Dania's true friendliness and pleasurable spirit really began to come out. She had previously been involved in her high school's step team and served as a volunteer at the West End Community center, working with children. During school she was a focused, responsible, hard working student who had to overcome English as her second language. However, outside of school, she was a crazy, outgoing teenage, who loved to dance and party. She had many friends and loved hanging out with them. As an ally, she was a great listener and advisor. She had the ability to make anyone grin and her beautiful smile could brighten up your day. Everyone who knew her is still dealing with this terrible loss, but we have hope that she's in a better place now and although we miss her dearly, we know she's in good hands. We love you Dania!
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